Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Eurowrecker Mandelson spins again

Writing some 2000 year ago Plutarch was well aware of the nature of politicians, and while technology and has advanced in the intervening period the characteristics of politicians have not. “Spin” was used in ancient Athens and Rome and it is still being used today – Peter Mandelson, the EU Trade Kommissar, is a high priest of “spin” who continues to use these techniques in Brussels as is evident from the Financial Times report today that

Zoellick blasts Mandelson “spin” on subsidy dispute

Robert Zoellick, the chief US trade negotiator, on Tuesday lashed out at his European Union counterpart, Peter Mandelson, accusing him of using “spin” in a contentious dispute over aircraft subsidies and comparing him unfavourably with his predecessor, Pascal Lamy.

The unusually personal attack marked a serious deterioration in US-EU trade relations, increasing the likelihood that the battle over state aid to Airbus and Boeing will require arbitration by the World Trade Organisation. The fallout could also harm transatlantic co-operation on other trade issues.

He (Zoellick) said: "If you don't have an authorising environment [from EU member states], you just tell that and you don't have to spin."

A senior aide to Mr Mandelson said Brussels would not respond to "personal derogatory remarks”. He added: “This is a policy issue, not a personality issue. The US side appears to have been determined to get it from the WTO from the start."
Vive le EUrowreck, Kommissar Mandelson!