Friday, April 29, 2005

Head eastwards and beware the attention of politicians

Lure of eastern Europe difficult to resist reports the Financial Times

“New” Europe is indeed on a roll and deservedly so. Business is voting with its feet. However, there is another viewpoint that I have heard expressed that runs something like this - From the sell out at Yalta, the turning of a blind eye by the Allied Committee of Control to the disgusting tactics of the Communists in the post war elections, through to the 1956 Uprising, and the Prague Spring of 1968, western Europe and the US stood by and watched while whole nations had their freedom walked all over, and taken away from them. The renaissance of old capitals like Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, and indeed those of the Baltic States is long overdue. If German, French, or even British politicians want to gripe about it they should spare a thought for those who they watched get thoroughly shafted in the immediate post-war period, and who had to endure dictatorial Communism for nearly half a century.

The FT also reports that - Les bloggeurs want a Non in EU referendum

Clearly some politicians are concerned about the impact of the blogosphere on the outcome. It is worth noting that in the past opinions such as those expressed in blogs would have been disseminated in the Coffee Shops of Europe – the influence of the latter was such that Metternich employed spies to listen in to conversations in the C19th, and, in the C20th, the Communists did much the same in what are now the new EU member states; in fact the ruling Communists closed down quite a few Coffee shops in order to prevent people gathering and discussing matters of politics. Sometimes the attention of politicians is not always a good thing ....regulation of the internet is something many politicians and lawyers would like to get their teeth into.