Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hungary proves Eurowreckers wrong on labour migration

In Budapest the future is bright. The sun is shining and with the early spring temperatures now well over 20 degrees centigrade “old Europe” is looking increasingly grey, dull and stagnant. In the circumstances it is no surprise that Hungarians are not migrating to “old Europe” in any great number.

In the Eurowreck, otherwise known as Eurozone Europe, the leaders of economies like France and Germany, with their burgeoning armies of structurally unemployed, will not be able to blame EU Enlargement for the failure of their miserable policies.

Hungary wonders why bother with labour restrictions

Western European worries about hordes of job seekers from new EU members were overdone as recent figures show less than expected Eastern workers, and only a trickle from Hungary, have found jobs in Europe's most advanced economies since the new countries joined the EU in May 2004, a national daily said on Tuesday. Between May and the end of 2004, a total of 3,740 Hungarian workers took up jobs in the United Kingdom, while 2,100 were employed in Ireland and some 4,000 in Sweden, Nepszabadsag said quoting fresh job market figures.