Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More ministerial change in Hungary

Having changed the Finance Minister last week, Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany has started this week by changing the Minister of Agriculture. Someone had to take the rap for the gross delay in paying out the EU grant subsidies to Hungarian Farmers that caused tractor driving farmers to descend on Budapest, make the capital's arterial roads even more log jammed than usual, gain Europewide media coverage that embarrassed the government, and force the government to actually agree a timetable for paying out the money.

Jozsef Graf the new Minister for Agriculture is, like the PM, the Finance Minister, and a number of others in the government a long time Communist who is now a member of the Socialist party. Like the PM and Finance Minister etc. etc. he is extremely wealthy and acquired this wealth as a result of being in the right place at the right time – inside knowledge might be another way of putting it. Many ordinary people are not surprisingly disgusted by the political class. Read some Facts about Jozsef Graf

There is a perception in this part of the world, that is not without some foundation, that cheerleading for socialists is cheerleading for people who, with one hand, simply changed the sign on the door during the change of political system, and, with the other hand, helped themselves to state assets.

Meanwhile from the Financial Times it seems that in Germany Schroeder's call to invest at home falls on deaf ears

At least German businesses don’t have to lie about the economic realities, which is more than can be said for the political leaders who, despite being aware of the realities, are trying to play them down and fool people that there is another way all in the interests of getting themselves re-elected.

As for the European Constitution ... Schroeder is due to lend his support to it in a speech in Paris. It looks as if the full might of the European Commission and the federalists is being brought to bear on France - the battle for France has begun and I suspect the result will be a capitulation i.e. YES, the battle for the Netherlands will follow soon after. I believe that the battle of Britain, if and when it comes, will be one that sees the federalists suffer defeat.