Thursday, May 26, 2005

The EU elite can't take NO for an answer .....

EU call to re-run treaty referendums

This is the message of Jean-Claude Juncker - I think this is absurd. So much for the maturity of the EU elite and their ability to deal with democracy!

Meanwhile Claude Bébéar, supervisory board chairman of French insurer Axa and head of the powerful Institut Montaigne business think-tank is reported by the Financial Times in “Competitiveness at risk” from No vote as saying that:

"Calling a referendum on the constitution was a mistake. It is too complex and technical, so people don't focus on it; instead they focus on other issues." He called it "bad democracy" to put such an important issue to a public vote, claiming it should have been voted on by parliament instead.
I think not holding a referendum would have been bad democracy.

I do agree with Claude Bébéar that the Constitution is complex and technical, but I would also add that it is so ambiguous in its wording to be open to a myriad of interpretations which leave it open to abuse. The Constitution should be short, clear and accessible, it isn't, so sooner or later rejection is inevitable, as is the fact the vast majority of EU citizens haven't, and may never, read the document.