Monday, May 30, 2005

France - Europe's spoilt child

Did Chirac really miscalculate? Surely he knew the strategy was risky and that there was a very good chance that the people would vote “Non”. It seems to me the result in France suits Chirac perfectly – not only has he extracted a number of concessions in the run up to the referendum he is now in a position to push for a more French vision of Europe.

Whilst the reasons for the "Non" in France are undeniably varied, Europe needs to be very wary indeed of French motives, especially the French dislike of enlargement and economic liberalism. The former is, in my opinion, rooted in a peculiarly French form of inverted cultural racism and elitism. The latter appears to be a reflection of the immaturity of the French left which behaves more like a petulant adolescent in the face of economic reality, than a pragmatic adult. Sadly the spoilt child that is France has been over-indulged recently and the likelihood is that this will now continue.

As the FT puts it in one of many articles today on the referendum -

The problem for Europe's leaders is that French voters have not just rejected a treaty but the very basis of what the EU has become: a machine for opening markets and extending Europe's borders to the east.
From - Barosso warns of “contagion”
Now it appears that The French want Sarkozy as PM but my guess is that might de Villepin who in his book on Napoleon talked of the honour in defeat - such an attitude ought to serve him well in the coming few months!

Néanmoins, je ne portes pas la haine pour la France - au contraire je l'adore!