Monday, May 30, 2005

How some Hungarian politicians view the "Non"

Here are some views from Hungarian politicians:

Brussels, May 30 (MTI) - French voters' decisive rejection of the European constitution represents a serious crisis for Europe and its new member states, said Hungarian politicians after Sunday's referendum.

Hungary's European Parliament members said it would be almost impossible for the constitution to be adopted, after almost 55 percent voted against the constitution that included clause on minority protection crafted by Hungary.

Jozsef Szajer, of the right-wing opposition party Fidesz, attributed France's popular rebuff in part to Europe's eastward expansion, noting that fears of cheap manpower from new member states still ran deep. But Szajer argued the EU would still be able to function on the basis of the Nice Treaty despite its various deficiencies. The protection of minorities was at stake if the constitution were to be dumped outright, he added.

Csaba Tabajdi, of the senior governing Socialists, attributed the result to the unpopularity of the French government and President Jacques Chirac and the alienation of European policy-makers from the public, an anomaly which he said should soon to be remedied.

Istvan Szent-Ivanyi, of the junior governing Free Democrats, said the French voters' decision would halt progress towards European unity. A similar vote by the Dutch on Wednesday would mark the stamp of failure for the EU constitution in its present form, he added.

None of the MEPs polled by MTI saw any chance of French voters changing their minds in a second referendum -- as happened in Ireland with the Nice Treaty -- saying the almost 10 percent gap between the "no" and "yes" votes on a turnout of close to 70 percent was too wide for that.
The above is also @ Hungarian Politicians views on the EU Crisis ........ minority rights are very important in this part of the world as there are numerous Hungarian minorities in nearly every country bordering Hungary.