Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blair speaks with a forked tongue

Brit Prime Minister Tony Blair on recent events in the EU

"I think the constitution is a perfectly sensible way forward and at some point Europe is going to have to adopt rules for the future of Europe and if it doesn't it is not going to function properly".

"I don't believe that Europe should relinquish the social model, we should have a strong social model, but it has got to be one for today's world."

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Blair seeks to heal rifts over EU constitution

Blair is still backing the idea of a Constitution and sounds conciliatory on the issue of the “European Social Model”. If he thinks a Constitution is such a good idea he should put the matter to a referendum and campaign for a “Yes”. As for a social model model "for today's world" it sounds very catchy but hides his real agenda - I don't think many people in France and Germany will buy into his vision.