Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's autumn for Schröder and Germany

Schröder's attempts to sway US in claim for UN seat reports the Financial Times. So much for EU solidarity. Surely Schröder should be pushing for a collective EU seat on the UN Security Council rather than one just for Germany!

As the above linked report notes -

The opposition Christian Democratic Union, meanwhile, is not expected to pursue the goal of a permanent seat with the same dedication. Wolfgang Gerhardt, a member of the small Free Democratic party who has been billed as a possible foreign minister in a new centre-right coalition, last week told the Financial Times Germany would revert to its earlier policy of advocating a pooled seat representing Europe.
Schröder's action is clearly that of a man desperate to try and regain popularity with an electorate that has lost faith in him. The long cold winter that comes with the end of a political career is clearly not far away where Gerhardt Schröder is concerned if opinion polls are any guide - it's just a pity that Jacques Chirac can't be sent out into the cold with him.