Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Extremists honour Kadar

Political extremists are still alive and well in Hungary.

Workers Party chairman Gyula Thurmer praised Janos Kadar at a commemoration on Saturday marking the 16th anniversary of the Communist leader's death. Speaking at Kadar's grave in the Fiumei ut cemetery, Thurmer said Imre Nagy, leader of the 1956 Uprising, had taken the path of reformists and traitors, while Kadar had taken the way of the revolutionaries. "Our choice was Janos Kadar," he declared.

.... Thurmer criticised Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany for refusing to return the Red Star to the working class, then described the Socialist Party as a right-wing party in the service of foreign and Hungarian big capital. "Just because we do not like Fidesz, it does not mean that we shall support the Socialists," he said.

....... Attila Vajnai, head of the internal opposition in the Workers' Party, was taken away in handcuffs by police for wearing the Red Star at a Saturday ceremony marking the 16th anniversary of the death of Communist leader Janos Kadar. The emblem has been banned in Hungary as a symbol of tyranny. Vajnai said in a statement issued on Sunday that he will continue to use the "international emblems of the working class movement" despite the "police brutality".

Quotes from Political News @ Hungary Around the Clock -
As well as the Red Star, the Hammer and Sickle, and various Nazi symbols such as the Swastika are also banned in Hungary. Extremist socialists are challenging the ban of their symbols at EU level.