Friday, July 01, 2005

The quest for the legendary White Hind

For the weekend why not go in search of the White Hind.

According to legend, Eneth, the first wife of the great oriental king Nimrod the Hunter – great grandson of Noah and builder of the Tower of Babel - bore him two twin sons, Hunor and Magor. The sons of Hunor became the Huns, and the sons of Magor became the Magyars, the Hungarians.

The lark's aloft from bough to bough,
the song is passed from lip to lip.
Green grass grows o'er old heroes now,
but song revives their fellowship

Forth to the hunt they ride again
two brave sons that fair Enéh bore,
Hunor and Magyar, champions twain,
Ménrót's twin sons in days of yore

Wild beasts in pools of blood they drag;
they slaughter all the elk they find;
they have already killed the stag,
and now they all pursue the hind.

Continues @ The Legend of the miraculous hind by János Arany

From - In Quest Of The Miracle Stag: The Poetry Of Hungary

Even the Council of Europe appear to be involved in the quest ........ perhaps at some future date the EU will produce an "authorised" version .... anything is possible.